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. NET Framework Architecture:

The .NET framework consists of two main segments one of them is CLR and the other is the DOT NET framework class library. The class library is common for all dot net programming languages. DOT NET is used to develop different applications like web services, web forms and windows. The CLR is used to do some of the tasks like loading the IL code at runtime. while compiling the IL code native code execute and manage the code security and safety among the threads. The program code is run on the CLR it is named as unmanaged code. CLR allows both the managed and unmanaged code to interoperate with others. 

The CLR is a sequence of several components which gives the runtime settings and runtime services for an application. These segments provide various tasks such as protection and also implement automatic memory control and also helps in attaching too. These segments also play a sensible role in the exception manager. If you are eager to become a DOT NET developer DOT NET Training in Bangalore, at FITA helps you to get a job as a dot net developer. DOT NET is very easy to learn it is based on C++, C# so it is easy to understand. 

Some of these parts which are frequently asked in the interview :

  • Classloader
  • Code manager
  • Type checker
  • COM Marshler
  • Exception Manager
  • Garbage collector
  • MSIL
  • Security engine

Classloader: It is used to load the class at runtime.

Security engine: It is used for security limitations.

Code manager: It will manage the code when it is executed.

Type checker: It supports CLR to do severe type checking.

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