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A dashing Homemade Jack fruit-Chocochip Ice cream For An Auspicious Moment

An ice cream can even turn a miserable moment to an auspicous one. I always have a profound weakness towards ice cream. Especially when it comes to combination of Jack fruit and choco chip, that craving for ice cream becomes irresistable.

Jack fruit is something special which makes me nostalgic about my childhood days. When it is ripe, it has an intoxcating smell, which can even make you drool. Here comes an admirable combinaton of Jack fruit and Choco chip.


Jack fruit - 15-20 pieces (frozen)

Banana(medium size) -  1(frozen)

Coconut milk - 1/4 cup

Condenesed milk - 2-3 table spoon

Sugar - According to your taste

Vanilla Essence -1/2 table spoon

Choco chips- 1/4 cup

Jack fruit- 2-3 pieces cut into small pieces 


1. While preparing the ice cream mixture, freeze a container.

2. Blend the frozen jackfruit, banana and sugar in a blender until you get a thick mixture.

3. Add condensed milk, coconut milk, and vannila essence to the thick mixture. Blend it thoroughly.

4. Put choco chips and small pieces of jack fruit and whisk until it get mixed well.

5. Pour the mixture into the frozen container and chill it an over night.

6.Garnish it with choco chips and small jack fruit pieces.


1.First freeze a container while you are preparing the ice cream mixture. Pour mixture into frozen container, freeze for 45 minutes. Take it out, break up frozen bits with whisk or spatula. Repeat this process at 30 minute intervals until it’s nearly impossible to break apart anymore. Scoop into Tupperware containers and place in freezer until ready to serve.


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