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A whopping rise in invites to Indians for Canadian Residency

Canada is emerging as a desired destination for many of India’s diaspora. Indians are excited about Canada’s Express Entry programme that is inviting the top-ranked individuals — in their point-based immigration system — in order to acquire permanent residency. This Express Entry programme is considered as the flagship programme for Canada’s key economic migration.

Under the express entry scheme, out of a whopping 86,022 total invitations sent across in the year 2017, almost 42% (or 36,310) were sent to the Indian citizens. This figure was considered to be more than double than the previous year. 

Based on the Express Entry Report, 2017, almost one lakh applications had been got requesting for permanent citizenship in the Express Entry scheme in 2017. From these, 86,022 invitations had been sent across to 65,401 permanent residents along their families had been admitted to the country. Almost 40% of this number were Indians to become permanent residents of Canada.

From the applicants who had a job offer and were given permanent citizenship, jobs in the areas of software engineers, information system analysts and designers, computer programmers as well as university professors had topped the list.

These figures, reflect a rising trend in the number of Indians who have been applying for a Canadian permanent residency, proves that many of the H-1B visa holders, due to a large backlog and waiting time, are now heading towards Canada.

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