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Android P - Features and Enhancements

Google Released its first preview on Android P on March 7 , this year taking Android to a whole new level which  is suspected to be named as Popsicle. Well. it does pack in some new cool features which promises to deliver a better user experience

1. Use of HTTPS instead of the standard HTTP which enhances security and privacy while one is using the internet. .HTTPS stands for 'Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure' which shall ensure that the user is fully secure when he is on the internet

2. Multi Camera Support :  A wide range of smartphone companies started to implement the multi camera technology in their devices and this feature definetely required a good supporting OS.. well Android P packs in the support for Multi Cameras which means a user can use 2 different physical cameras to capture moments seamlessly with any third party app on Android P
Android P also packs in support for USB cameras ( Suspected)

3. Animation : Apart from the standard animations in the past 3 versions of Android(Oreo, Nougat,Marshmellow) .. Android P implements different types of animations in its applications to enhance the user experience

4. Rotation Lock  : Some of us gets frustrated when the phone accidently rotates.. well Android P packs in the LandScape Lock Mode. which was implemented in many Custom OS's ... and that means one can use the landscape mode without any worry of it turning back to Potrait Mode when the device is accidently rotated

5. Improved HDR mode : The camera part in the OS just got better as with the improved HDR Mode and Multi camera support..Android P .with these 2 features takes the camera experience to a whole new level

6. Notch Support : After many Brands implemented the Notch Display in their devices, Google too went ahead for its support and now .. the OS supports the Notch display just like Iphone X

7.  Indoor Positioning with Wi-fi RTT. with this feature. one can navigate indoors using GPS . provided the router supports RTT(round trip time). this is helpful when navigating in big malls and complexes.. with this new feature the Google assistant' AI gets better as it can deliver the output for the particular location rather than whole
8. Call Tap Alert : Google now implemented Call recording alert on Android P. where-in , a user is notified if his call is being recorded.. This ensures that the recording is legal and that both users are aware of the tapping.. increased user privacy

Android P hence has wide range of features which are mainly dedicated to User Privacy and Security.. and also has become more customizable..
Lets wait for the next preview or the final release which is expected to take place in May of this year

***Note : Many features listed above are suspected to be implemented. as Google hasnt released a final project of the same. hence some features may be removed or optimized

Update 1 : Google Brings back the Navigation Bar to Android P 

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