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Animal predictions at 2018 FIFA and before

The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever is continuing to grab attention from its fans across the globe. Along with the excitement of goals, there is even a rage for prediction animals who are seeking to become accurate predictors of the world cup match results.

The animals would be gone by the steps of Paul the octopus. As famous for his predictions of the winners of all the matches during the 2010 World Cup held in Germany. The other creatures who also made match predictions are as follows 

Mystic Marcus the pig

This pig has forecasted about the FIFA World Cup’s semifinalists consisting of the teams of Uruguay, Argentina, Belgium as well as Nigeria, 

Achilles the cat

This deaf cat is on its way to predict the match winners of the 2018 FIFA. The opening match being played between Russia and Saudi Arabia had been expected to be cutthroat. But the feline knew better. 

Cleopatra the tapir

Cleopatra is a Brazilian tapir who is a resident of the Limpopo Zoo. The tapir is a pig-like herbivore animal. Cleopatra has predicted the defeat of South Korea by Sweden at the Nizhny Novgorod’s initial game. 

Nelly the elephant

The largest of the prediction animals, of the World Cup results, is Nelly. He is an eight-year-old elephant residing in the Serengeti Park zoo at Hodenhagen, Germany. He had predicted the victory of Mexico at the FIFA WORLD CUP. 

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