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Applications of PHP:

Web-Based Applications and Web Pages:

Any web-based applications that are grown in the modern ecosystem want to provide a huge variety of customization, give the very interactive user interface, be skilled in giving online businesses, and combine with database methods. PHP allows a good solution to manage these features. As a result, PHP is utilized by up to 83% of websites for back end programming; over 245 million web pages are developed using PHP. Moreover, web-based business applications and several Facebook applications are also written in PHP. To know more on PHP via the PHP course in Chennai helps more to you.

Web Content Management Systems:

  • PHP gives guidance to many databases such as MS Access, MySQL, Oracle, and is proficient in communicating with different services using protocols like HTTP, LDAP, SNMP, IMAP, NNTP, COM, and POP3. As a conclusion, PHP has been managed for producing successful (CMS), including plugins, the user-facing portion of Moodle, Joomla, Silverstripe, Digg, MediaWiki, Facebook, Drupal, and others. 
  • PHP usages are on both the small and large business and the e-commerce platforms are Magento, Zen Cart, Ubercart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, AgoraCart, these are all created on PHP programming.
  • PHP has also been used for GUI based applications. It is used for creating the desktop application.
  • PHP is used to create an open-source, like Ming. Flash elements are easy to create dynamic web pages.
  • PHP can also play a role in graphic design and image processing. PHP is used for creating, rotating, resizing, cropping the pictures and the output is saved in this format such as gif, wbmp, jpeg, png, and xpm. The dynamic websites are created by the PHP program. If you want to learn this scripting language, FITA Academy is the best option for all. Learn and become the most reliable web developer through PHP Training in Bangalore, which teaches you the advanced syllables of PHP programming with real-time situations under the supervision of experienced professionals.

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