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Basic Steps in SEO – A Full Guide

1. Select your Domain name

Domain names are one of the ranking factors search engines look at to figure out what a page is about. If it’s possible to choose a domain name that’s relevant, easy to remember, and incorporates the main keyword you want to rank for, that’s ideal. There are a few good tools that can help you brainstorm domain name ideas based on what’s available.

2. Do Keyword Research

Keyword research is a big part of SEO. In order to do a lot of the other things on this list effectively, you need to first have a clear idea of the main terms and subject areas you want to focus your SEO efforts on. A number of SEO tools provide keyword suggestions and data on the amount of traffic and competition you can expect to deal with for each keyword. When choosing your keywords, be sure to be realistic. SEO is competitive and a brand new website isn’t in a good position to compete for popular, broad terms. Get specific and find long-tail keywords to target. 

3. Use a Mobile-Friendly Design.

Many of the SEO algorithm updates Google has announced in recent years have been all about mobile. As more and more people turn to their phones to do most of their browsing, users and search engines alike expect websites to provide an intuitive mobile experience. When you’re building a new website, it’s imperative that you make it mobile friendly.

4. Competition Analysis

Competition analysis helps you understand which other websites are ranking for your keywords and topics, their domain authority, page authority, traffic and backlinks they have. Competition analysis helps you in building your strong SEO strategy and gives you guidance as to how much efforts you must put on which topic and keywords.

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