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Best Fitness Bands under Rs 2000

Best Fitness Bands under Rs 2000

Fitness is imperative, yet it is essential to track your fitness, particularly when you have set goals for it. To do so, you need a fitness tracker which is comfortable, stylish and comes in the budget. Here is the list of Best Fitness Bands under Rs 2000. 

Xiaomi Mi Band HRX Edition 

The Mi Band-HRX Edition is Xiaomi’s popular fitness tracker launched in partnership with Hrithik Roshan’s HRX brand. The Mi Band-HRX Edition is almost identical to the Mi Band 2 except that this one doesn't have the Heart Rate Sensor. Everything else including the display, the dimensions, battery capacity is just the same.

The tracker weighs just 7 grams and even with the band is on, it feels light and comfortable. There is a capacitive key to the front for navigation. The 0.42-inch display is made of an OLED panel that's extremely power efficient. Xiaomi claims that the band can last up to 23 days on a single charge.

It's worth noting that just like the Mi Band 2, this one is water resistant with the IP67 rating. You can track your step count, activity time, distance walked, calories burned with current day stats. Now moving on to some smartwatch-like features, you can set the band to alert you during phone calls, set silent alarms that makes the band vibrate when the alarm goes off, set alerts for Twitter or Facebook notifications, email, SMS and so on.

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Noise ColorFit Fitness Band 

Noise ColorFit fitness band comes with the color display. It comes with 90 mAH non-removable battery and IP67 certified, and it runs Bluetooth 4.1. The key features are- step count, heart rate sensor, blood pressure test, blood oxygen test, sleep monitor, call or message alert, push notifications, music control, remote camera. 

If we talk about design, it has the plastic body and is lightweight. It has a built-in heart rate sensor; the tracker has a USB point, a detachable strap is made of TPU material. The strap had to be removed to put the band on charge via USB port. It has a 0.96 inches LED display with a good quality screen and colorful display which makes it appealing. Other features are weather information, a remote shutter for camera and media control feature. The band can be paired to phone through ‘Da Fit’ app. Caller’s name, number, messages are directly displayed on the screen. The band gets a 2-3 days battery life on a single charge, but it depends on the notifications enabled.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 has the similar look like previous versions of Mi Bands but with larger 1.9 inch OLED display. The larger touch screen is easy to use and navigate. The screen can be viewed indoors and outdoors easily. 

The tracker weighs 8.5 Grams and a total of 20 grams with the strap which is adjustable up to 21.6 centimeters. The band is water resistant up to 50m which means it can also be used for swimming. Features are typical like step counts, heart rate sensor, calorie monitor, distance tracker with some advanced features like sleep monitoring and direct notifications on screen for calls or messages. Mi Band 3 comes with 110 mAH battery which lasts up to 15-20 days on continuous connection with the phone. The notifications are read-only and cannot be replied, the calls can be rejected but cannot be answered. 

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GOQii Fitness Tracker with Personal Coaching 

The band is compact and lightweight. The packaging contains two straps with default strap of black and orange color and additional strap of the color of your choice so that it can be changed as per the user’s wish. The unique feature of the app used for the band is that it gives a personal fitness trainer or coach right after sign up is completed. Every fitness activity is shared with them; the diet can also be tracked in the app. 4-5 days of battery life when the user is fairly active. 

The pairing of the band with the android phone is more difficult than windows phone. The band is too sensitive, and some accidental or aggressive moves are counted as steps.

The band has common features of a fitness band like time display, pedometer, and idle alert. 

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