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Best daiper brands for kids


New born babies are the apple of the eyes of the parents. Parents are overwhelmed with joy to have their new member of the family amongst them. But around all this love, care and cuteness comes up the dirty job of cleaning baby's poop and pees. An average new born will urinate almost 10-15 times in a, span of 24 hours along with 3-5 or sometimes even 7 poops per day. But thanks to the disposable diapers, this nightmare of cleaning can be reduced to a great extent.

Disposable diapers are a blessing to a large number of new as well as experienced parents who are trying to manage out their time and their baby's time. Imagine the bundle of laundry that would be needed to be taken care of, had it not been for these disposable daipers. Disposable diapers are truly a blessing for parents in this modern world. These days couples stay in nuclear families dun to multiple reasons. When a child is born, the grand parents come, visit and stay for a few days or the early one or two months. After that it is the parents who have to manage the things. Domestic help is not affordable by all. And hence come to the rescue disposable daipers.

There are a number of brands that are available in the market. But we are going to look here at the top 3 brands of disposable daipers which can be useful for new born babies. 

1. Huggies new born baby daiper Buy on Amazon

 Huggies is one of the most absorbent diaper brands with a double leak guard which ensures dryness for upto12 hours.

Its waistband has a snug fit, which can be used to wrap around comfortably over the baby’s waist and can easily adjust to the size of the baby

The side Pull-strands allow you to grip as well as adjust the waistband according to the need of the body.

2. Pampers new born baby pantsBuy on Amazon

The new Pampers new born baby pants and daipers have a wetness indicator strip. This is very useful for new parents, especially to show how much a diaper has been soiled and when it is time to change. These daipers are mnnufactured with soft-touch materials which provide great comfort levels. It also helps to mitigates the risk of chafing and diaper rash.

3. Mammy poko pants Buy on Amazon

These new entrants have an innovative pant style elastic grip which easily fits onto any size. The soft and comfortable base makes up for a perfect leak proof dry night for the babies to enjoy a sweet dream. 

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