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Best toys for toddlers 1-3 years

Best toys for toddlers 1-3 years


Toddlers are said to be one of the most curious individuals around you. These toddlers love to explore and find out new things around them. They like to feel, touch, smell and experience their surroundings. In order to help them to learn and grow in the right direction, toys can be their best companion. There are a number of toys available in the market that help to grow and develop the gross and the fine motor skills of your chinden. Below mentioned are some of the best toys recommended for all around development of kids aged 1 to 3 years.

1. Fat Brain Toys Tobbles

The Fat brain tobbles Neo is a unique stacking toy that has beautiful coloured tobbles which resemble the shape of bowls and pots. It has an interestingly odd but wobbly shape.

It is a great toy for kids as it can be used as balls to bounce around or even put it in the mouth as there is no kind of precision which is needed to stack them. They are easy to fit and are very useful for developing the tactile sense.

Age group: 2 years and above Buy on Amazon

The First bead maze is said to be a classic toy that has colourful baby-proofed wires connecting two pieces of wooden blocks with the help of plastic rings as well as wooden beads. They have the perfect bead size for the small hands of the kids. It is a very engaging activity that needs the tracking skills of the kids to be used. 2. Melissa and Doug Deluxe First Bead Maze

Age group: 1 year and above.

3.Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

This pounding bench is similar to a typical pounding toy but it has a twist in its design. It has a durable wood bench as well as a wooden hammer. It offers the kids much fun while practicing the hammering skills along with naming colors as the coloured pegs show their smiles on the bench.

Age group: 2 years and above

4. Chicco Pelican Trike

This pelican trike is a great push and go tricycle which allows the kids for free pedaling. It is a good way to have fun with kids while pushing them around on a driveway or just watching them as they pedal around freely. This tricycle even has a handy seatbelt that allows kids to pedal on their own without any fear of falling off. The tricycle has seat adjustment features which can adapt the tricycle as your kid grows.

Age group: 1.5 years and above.Buy on amazon

So let your kids learn and explore the world with these wonderful toys. 

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