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Bull Temple - Basavanagudi

Bangalore is a hotspot for tourists all over the world,
One such anceint tourist attraction is the Big Bull temple in Bangalore South- Basavanagudi
The Temple is in the edge of the big park - Bugle Rock Garden  and is dedicated to Lord Shiva's Devotee - Nandi
This Temple is known to be the Biggest temple to Nandi in the whole world. Every Year on the last Monday and Tuesday of the hindu month Karthika Masa
The 'Groundnut' Fair is held in the temple premises in order to please the lord.
There is also a Ganesha Temple Beside the main temple which has a huge rock formed idol of Lord Ganesha.
If one is visiting Bangalore.. This place is a must as one can look up to the Huge idols and also enjoy a bit of Nature in the Bugle Rock Garden in the amdist of the City 

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