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Can a high protein diet help to lose weight and how much protein is better?

Can a high protein diet help to lose weight and how much protein is better? 

A high protein diet may make you fatter and it won't make you lose weight in the long run. Various nutritional researchers have proved a link between diet and health. It is proved unmistakably that a plant-based diet is really healing and diet abundant in animal proteins is harmful to our health. High protein diet makes us fat and sick. Research proves cardiological diseases can be reversed by mere lifestyle changes. It is really true that people lose the weight if they are taking high protein diet. At initial stage, they lose the water weight but at the end of the year they come back to same position.

 It is better to be slow weight loser by eating healthfully. It will make you more sustainable. People who want to lose weight must have enough focus on what they eat. It requires a deep thinking to work in a more efficient manner because most of the time depression also creates the obesity. It really needs a comprehensive study. People eat lots of food during depression and this overeating coats the nerves and lessens the pain. When people select the high protein diet, intake of carbohydrates is reduced. A high protein and low carbohydrates diet increase the blockage in arteries. 

It is also responsible for heart disease and cancer. A diet with too much protein affects the liver and other organ like kidneys. If your body excretes too much protein it gives a significant risk to your entire health system and can become responsible for some of the serious diseases like prostate cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer and also the heart diseases. Consumption of red meat is associated with cardiovascular mortality, total mortality and cancer mortality. LDL -cholesterol and flow-mediated vasodilation worsen on a diet rich with high protein and improve on a low-fat, plant-based diet. It is hard to ignore the high protein diets. High protein diets are touted to lure you as the best fat burner. The manufactures of high protein diet will claim that it will free you from all health problems. At the initial stage people feel less hungry but glycogen of body is used instead if you are on a high protein diet. This can be really harmful. It also increases the uric acid in the blood and risk of gout is increased. We need to follow the proper guidelines based on our age, our activity level and gender. We can not avoid carbohydrates to lose the weight. Protein is important in our diet. It repairs the muscle and regulates various chemical reaction of the body.

Protein also significant in helping our immune system. Protein is the most important component in repairing and building our body and even every bit of us. So, it is essential that we eat it each day but how much. We need to be careful how much protein we eat in our routine life and how much we actual need.

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