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Dark Web

As explained in short of the Deep Web in the earlier blog, today i come up with another blog comprising of the DARK WEB..
This part of the web is the portion of the ice berg which is actually even below the DEEP WEB... Yes, this part is way different from the wide DEEP WEB, but they do share a few similiarities.. Coming to the point. The DARK Web is a host to a variety of activities. mainly those which are completely illegal.. let me list a few...
Drug Marketing, Hacking Services, Child Pornography, Red Room services, Weapon Markets, Stolen Info and important credentials , Malware and Ransomware services, Leaked Data bases and many more which are completely illegal and thats the reason they cannot be accesed by search engines on the surface web.
Many Users who surfed through the Dark Web Recommends others not to try it out for it being such a dangerous place in every way,.. And being a crime to initiate activates on the Dark Web, FBI holds the right to arrest people involved in the Dark Web.. But yes... it is not that easy for one to trace out a Dark Web Users Location and IP address, when he is surfing it with specially designed softwares like TOR browser and VPNs.. which make the IP address nearly Un traceable,, how ever it is not fool proof,, and is better to avoid than being sorry,
it the next part i shall go in detail of the services offered on the Dark Web and why one should stay away 

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