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Deep Web - What you need to know

The Deep Web consists of 96% of the whole internet and is hence compared to an ice berg, where only the top portion above water level is the Surface web on which we commonly surf , may it be Google, FaceBook, Twitter , Reckommendo etc. but the huge mass of ice below the water is whats comprised of the less known 'Deep Web' . well it consists of a lot of things Records, Certificates, Passwords, Protected sides, Digital Media content which are under a paywall and many more stuff which the major arent even concerend off.Data Bases which need high levels of security, bank passwords,  credentials , company credentials and many more are stored in the deep web.  it is also  a place for people to communicate with each other under encryption, that way they are hidden under layers of privacy and arent being spyed,, though 'Deep Web' is not fool proof. it is highly secure for such people in need of deep privacy when compared to the surface web..
So how do u access it..
it can be accesed by special softwares designed for the 'Dark Web' like the 'TOR' browser and such sites usually have a .onion ending instead of the common .com, .gov, .org etc.. The reason for the word 'onion' shall be explained in the further blog with details about the Dark Web as well as the Tor Browser..

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