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Deva Matha Central School (DMCS) Horamavu Bangalore

Devamatha central School is a CBSC board institution located in Horamavu. Even name looks like christianity school they dont promote christianity in any means.My son was going there for one year and we are satisfied with the school. They have good tranport facility and they cover most of the areas.They have a decent sized playground with basket ball, football.. and they have indoor game facility also. Starting 2018 they are going to use NCERT books. They keep periodic one to one PTM meetings and they consider parents feedback postively and they take some decision based on parents feedback.School arranges health and medical checkup on yearly basis 

Few issues which they can think of is providing tranport facility for students participating extrauricula activities after school hours in school campus and having a daycare facility tieup with some daycare as most of the parents in bangalore expects the same.

Fees is nominal compared to the facilities and the reputation fo the school so i have recommended this school for friends.

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