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Easy Way to Cook Biryani


Biryani is one of the most delicious and favorite dishes for people to have in all restaurants. Many people wish to get the best Biryani in Chennai. The method of cooking makes Sukkubhai Biryani unique and delicious. They prepare a Best Chicken Biryani in Chennai with a variety of healthy masala makes it so special and spicy Biryani.

Easy way to cook Biryani:

  • Mostly the long grain fragrant Basmati rice is used to make a traditional biryani.
  • Rice is first fried in oil or ghee before cooking it with other vegetables.
  • Saffron and mint are the two most important ingredients in making a biryani.
  • Rice and veggies are cooked separately and then layered to get a textured rice dish.
  • Deep fried brown onion rings used in the recipe gives a caramelized flavor to biryani.
  • The vegetables cooked separately in a thick yogurt sauce keeps the biryani moist.
  • The most important feature to biryani is that each grain of rice should have its identity.

People if you like to have eat a Best biryani in chennai, then opt the Sukkubhai restaurent to get a fabulous biryani to fullfill your foodie time.


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