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Flagship phones from Samsung

Flagship phones are the next big thing in the mobile market. But buying flagship phones comes with a cost as they are a little pricey than their other counter parts. But they do come with their share of benefits too. With increasing competition, flagship phones have also become reasonably priced. Samsung is one brand who has banked on this. Almost every 1 in 5 phones that are sold around the world is a Samsung phone. This is almost as impressive as Apple's figures and way ahead than anyone else in the mobile phone market. This is due to the fact that Samsung's mobiles are well built, strong, and fashionable.

With so many options to choose from, how can you decide which one is right for you? And should one buy now or hold the purchase for what's coming on later during the year? Here are some of the best possible options, so that you can buy your next flagship Samsung phone with confidence.


If you wish to have the very best phone which Samsung has to offer in the present times, then the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is a great choice. It has stunning build quality, an excellent quality 6.4-inch display, a superb battery that is bigger than ever accompanied by a triple-lens rear camera. The phone excels in almost every area of the modern day smartphone. 


It may be tricky to select between the three Samsung Galaxy S phones which the company has launched during the year 2019. The S10 edges over the S10e. It is surely more expensive, but one gets a bigger screen as well as a better camera for the money, thus it's worth the price.


The SAMSUNG GALAXY S9 is the ex-best phone, in a more compact form. If one is in the market looking out for a relatively smaller and compact screen at a lower cost, then this Samsung Galaxy S9 has it all covered, with top performance and fantastic camera. It was the top tech in the year 2018 and it can still hold on the position in 2019 too. It is a faster, enhanced designed option as compared to the Galaxy S8 which came before it too, having the rear fingerprint sensor at a place where it actually makes sense, as well as improved specs all around.

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