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Future is freelancing

In the digital era where everything can be done by the touch of a button, one feels why to go out. Be it for shopping for clothes or vegetables or household items, everything is done online. Most of the banking and insurance work also takes place over the internet and banks promote banking to a great extent. Even bill payments and various kinds of recharge are done from the comfort of the home. In such a situation, people even feel why to go daily to work. This is where the freelance work comes into existence.

Most of the modern day business has outsourced part of their operations either to freelance agencies or to individual consultants. The core business operations are carried out by the employees but the rest is given to freelancing individuals. Areas such as IT, Training, Salary and Payroll, data entry, content management etc are the current as well as future jobs of freelancers. Many researchers indicate job trends increasing in the freelance industry.

The company, as well as the freelancer,  both, benefit from this. The company gets their work done at a price they wish to pay and at the time they want. The freelancer can take up as much work as he desires and when he desires. They can fix their own rates based on their expertise. They can work irrespective of time or location constraints and can meet their deadlines accordingly. Thus it is a win-win situation for all. 

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