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Glittering sarees for the glamorous parties of 2019

Women love to dress up. They wait for occasions to flaunt their saree collection in front of their social groups. A woman will have different sarees for every occasion. Be it a social party, a marriage, a reception, an official party or a girls gang meet, they have it all. Most of the women are aware of the kinds of saree which they should dawn upon for different kinds of parties and events. But still, it is always best to have a little tip on what suits where as per the trending fashion 2019 so as to avoid being the odd one out. Buy on amazon

The Newest partyware sarees of the year 2019

1. The Traditional Twist

There is nothing like the texture of raw silk along with the hand-embroidered detailing to top the list of the 2019 saree trends. Such traditional sarees have often married two elements to bring out many beautiful timeless pieces. 

2.Halterneck Blouses

One can have all the details in a saree and then go for a very elegant, but striking blouse cut, with a halterneck cut blouse. It is perfect for the summertime when a Shaadi season might emerge.

3. Heavy embroidery 

The Opulence and sarees have gone hand in hand. For more seasoned saree wearer, the trending fashion 2019 would be one to watch out for.  

4. Flaunt floral 

The floral sarees are a solid failsafe for any of the desi function. This trend oozes the feminine frill and fun and still be fashionably on trend. Florals will continue to dominate the saree trends in 2019.

5. Hybrid saree

Along with the emergence of the Indo-Western fusion fashion, there is a lot of innovation going on the cuts, the patterns and the silhouettes of the staple ‘desi fashion’. There has been the emergence of the Bardot blouses and the pre-wrapped sarees. 

6. Handwoven Banarasi sarees 

Whenever you think of handwoven sarees, the only and first saree that comes to mind is the banarasi saree. This saree is all set to make its own niche in 2019 parties 

7. Cold shoulder

A cold shoulder allows you for more room to play with the statement jewelry pieces, let it be a heavy choker or a headpiece. The elegance of the blouse offers room to the lady to have fun by matching more creative accessorizing.


Thus it can be seen that there is a mix of traditional and modern designs and patterns to come as the 2019 fashion trends. The lesson to be gained here is to accept the textures and the innovative draping styles as there are bound to be a lot of surprises in the saree trends in 2019.

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