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How Onpassive Will Revolutionize Businesses Using Artificial Intelligence?

Several people still relate artificial intelligence(AI) with science fiction, but that thinking is changing rapidly as AI develops and becomes more commonplace in our everyday lives. Today, artificial intelligence is a household name with a household presence such as Google Home or Alexa.

Though artificial intelligence's recognition in mainstream society is a new event, it is not a new concept. The current AI field came into life in 1956. It took decades of effort to make notable advancements toward developing an artificial intelligence system and making it a technological reality.

In businesses, AI has a wide range of utilities. In fact, most of us communicate with it in some form or another daily. From the repetitive tasks to the breath-taking tasks, artificial intelligence is already disrupting almost every business process in every industry. As AI technologies advance, they are becoming a crucial part for businesses that wish to maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

From virtual doctors to driverless cars, artificial intelligence or AI is remodeling the way we live, do business, work, and travel in the 21st century. It has been estimated that AI will be contributing almost 15.7 trillion USD to the global economy by 2030. The expertise of the ONPASSIVE AI platform will contribute significantly to this increase in business productivity and growth.

So what is ONPASSIVE AI?

Before understanding how ONPASSIVE AI technologies will impact the business world, it's essential to define the term. It is a general and broad term that applies to any computer software that involves humanlike activities, including learning, planning, problem-solving and decision making. 

ONPASSIVE platform utilizes artificial intelligence technology in its user dashboard to develop tools to help businesses get bigger and better. The tools offered in the ONPASSIVE user dashboard provides functionalities ranging from the completion of mundane and repetitive tasks to customization of user experience for customers of all businesses. These AI tools are no usual tools that you get in a regular user dashboard, but they are specifically designed to make your lives more comfortable and to design your business growth.

Artificial intelligence and business today

Instead of operating as an alternative for human ingenuity and intelligence, artificial intelligence is commonly seen as a supporting tool. Though artificial intelligence currently has a challenging time for completion of commonsense tasks, it is still capable of analyzing and processing massive amounts of data far more swiftly than a human brain ever will. The AI software then can present them to the human user. This way, humans can utilize artificial intelligence to foresee every action's possible outcomes and streamline the decision-making process.

It's a kind of technology that makes decisions on its own, that's capable of acting even in the circumstances not foreseen by the programmers. It has a broader scope of decision-making capability as opposed to other traditional softwares.

Those traits make artificial intelligence highly valuable throughout several industries like ecommerce, restaurants, and information technology, etc. Whether it's just assisting staff or visitors, make their way around a corporate campus efficiently or accomplishing a task as complicated as controlling a wind turbine to foretell when it needs repairs.

Machine learning is often used in machines that capture massive amounts of data. For instance, smart energy management systems gather data from sensors attached to different assets. The sets of data are then structured by machine learning algorithms and delivered to human decision-makers to understand energy usage and maintenance requirements better.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Here's how business owners can leverage AI tools offered by ONPASSIVE to profit their startups or big businesses alike. 

  • Data collection and analysis

Innovations in AI data acquisition and analysis can present companies with crucial decision-making data, similar to their bigger counterparts. These practices use internal data as well as gather it from multiple sources to provide a complete view of the business and marketplace possibilities. ONPASSIVE's user-structured dashboard enables visual representations and actionable reports depending on data, and the information is sortable by product line, geographic location, date, and more. Plus, it has a diverse pricing structure.

  • Lead generation and sales

ONPASSIVE's AI-powered lead intelligence tools can deliver meaningful value for any size business. As per research, companies utilizing AI for sales increased their leads by more than 50%, decreased call time by over 60%, and accomplished cost reductions between 40% to 60%. ONPASSIVE platform offers a wide range of AI sales and marketing tools that can ideally anticipate requirements, personalize engagement, and enhance lead quality.

  • Competitor analysis

While operating a business, it can be challenging to keep track of your own activities, and it gets even more challenging to pay attention to the competition as well. Utilizing the ONPASSIVE AI tools, businesses can track competitors across several digital channels, including social media, to collect a variety of information that users can then apply to their own business's marketing language, pricing, and more. Additionally, systems such as this can recognize and analyze market trends to deliver actionable intelligence for strategic planning and marketing. 

  • Human resources

Human resources (HR) activities can be transformed entirely through ONPASSIVE AI tools. Now, HR delivers a puzzling array of services, including engagement, benefits management, recruitment, and continuing education. Balancing these actions can be difficult, but these AI tools can help streamline several of these functions. Beyond recruiting, these ONPASSIVE AI tools can assist further in simplifying and managing day-to-day HR responsibilities. These tools automate and simplify several HR functions and provide ongoing data to help keep the business operating smoothly. 

  • Customized options

Few AI product doesn't offer the functionalities you require or come at a pocket-friendly price. Developing your own AI can be costly, and the increasing deficit of AI talent makes this option out of reach for most businesses. However, there are ONPASSIVE AI tools available for use that can be operated by anyone with average computer skills.

Here we look at two such industries where AI tools have impacted the most.

How AI tools help the Information Technology Industry

Artificial Intelligence has a positive influence on the way the IT sector operates; in other words, there is no doubt in the fact that it has transformed the very core of the space. Since the information technology sector is all about software, computers, and other data transmissions, Artificial Intelligence can play a crucial role in this domain.

AI is a computer science component that intends to turn computers into smart machines, which otherwise would not be feasible without a human brain. Through computer-based training and algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can effectively be utilized to develop expert systems that showcase smart behavior, provide solutions to complex issues, and help build stimulations similar to human intelligence within machines. Below are a few of the ways ONPASSIVE tools help the information technology industry.

  • Improved Productivity
  • Building Secure Systems
  • Application Deployment
  • Automating Processes
  • Server Optimization
  • Quality Assurance

How AI tools help the Restaurant Industry

This is undoubtedly not the age to be a technophobe in the restaurant business and let your competitors cross you. Digital tools simplify everything from predictive staffing to ordering and inventory, streamlining work for people at every step of the operation. Most encouraging of all: customer-driven tech improvements—particularly those powered by AI - can delight customers and increase sales.

You no longer require a team of data scientists to integrate the power of AI at your enterprise. Here are a few emerging and existing examples.

  • Kiosks that recognize you
  • Voice ordering
  • Integrated inventory and purchasing
  • Better scheduling capabilities
  • Insights and predictions so accurate people may think you're clairvoyant
  • Delivery mapping and management tools
  • Self-serve options


The inclusion of AI in various industries has enabled companies to execute tested and successful approaches to accomplish higher business goals. Businesses are continuously acquiring a competitive edge through Artificial Intelligence, while large corporates are implementing the platform to develop innovative solutions. From self-driven cars and voice-activated resources in complex medical procedures to working as a robot in a manufacturing unit, it has become an indispensable part of reality.

As per research, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could double annual economic growth rates in several developed countries. The US's yearly growth rate went up to 4.6% from 2.6%, which is a further addition of 8.3 Trillion USD with comprehensive AI adoption. In the UK, it could add 814 Billion USD to the economy, improving the annual growth rate to 3.9% from 2.5%.

We are now witnessing a business stage where a vast technology-powered transformation encourages us to address several difficulties in obtaining maximum growth. AI technology has remarkably strong developmental implications. And big data analytics is playing a significant role in making Artificial Intelligence more business-ready. When the preference must be to develop next-gen telecoms, infrastructure, power, agriculture healthcare systems, and education systems, Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in multiple ways. It is set to be a significant, predictive enabler supporting businesses to resolve large-scale obstacles, inspiring them to attain a competitive edge.

Severalonline ONPASSIVE reviews agree that ONPASSIVE is a technology service provider with the expertise to support you in recognizing and fulfilling all technical requirements. Our data analytics and AI tools are well versed in their domain. Want to know more, we are just a click away. Contact Here.

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