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IBM Makes Quantum Computer Commercially Available

IBM Q is here .  The industry’s first  commercially available universal quantum computers for business and science. IBM has built and successfully tested two new machines as per sources estimated 50-100 million times faster than a fastest computer available today . 

  • 1.  one with 20 qubits, which will be available to our clients at the end of this year.
  •  2 . prototype with 50 qubits, which will be the basis of future IBM Q systems.
  • it simply means it can break common cryptographic techniques in matter of minutes which would take years for the current supercomputers to do . 
    It is a big leap in the field of computers for Humanity .  Google had earlier announced  it has a quantum computer that is 100 million times faster than any classical computer in its lab.would make it public in the coming Years but looks like IBM has shows it's supremacy in computers as always :) .
    It is Estimated that  we produce 2-3 exabytes of data everyday . That number is equivalent to the content on 6 million laptops. Quantum computers will make it possible to process the amount of data we’re generating in matter of time .
    This would be a Game changer in the field of Medicine,Physics,Chemistry,Machine learning ,Material science and Computer security .

    Quantum computing will for sure will give Humanity a superior power to explore,learn and advance like never before . 

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