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Let the future of locks be opened

Misplaced keys, lost keys, wrong keys, duplicate keys, oh so many keys and just one lock to open the door. This is the problem faced by a large number of people all over the world. The need to manage physical keys has always been a hassle with car keys, office cupboard keys, bike keys, and any other keys needed on a day to day basis. What if you were told that your mobile can be a key to your door? Interesting isn't it. Welcome to the future of locks with Smart door locks. These locks make your mobile it's key. So now you do not have to carry another pair of keys to open your house door. The mobile Bluetooth or WiFi can be used to lock as well as unlock the door. There are a number of other features also including key sharing, security features, etc.

Secure your space with smart door locks

Smart Door Locks comee with a unique range of door locks. These locks allow you multiple security features along with remote location access as well as sharing of security keys. You can monitor and control the activities of your lock. You can easily open and close the doors of your home or your workplace without even worrying about the tension of keys and forgetting door code combinations. These Door Locks offer you more secure access to any home and workplace. An added advantage of some of these Door Locks is the easy-to-track solution that allows you to track down any lock from the mobile Lock application. Some of the other highlights of the smart door lock are as follows:

  • Turn any deadbolt system into a smart lock
  • Gives you access via your smartphone/Bluetooth
  • Allows you to share multiple access via e keys and passwords 
  • Mechanical Keys help to unlock the doors In case the phone battery is dead,
  • The locks has durable, long-lasting and easy to replace rechargeable batteries
  • Real-time monitoring of the door transmission is possible via the mobile Lock App

Some of the modern day kinds of smart locks are as follows:

  1. Bluetooth Door Lock Buy on flipkart
  2. WiFi Door Lock
  3. Biometric door lock Buy on Amazon 
  4. Smart Door Lock
  5. Electronic Password Card door lock
  6. Fingerprint door lockBuy on flipkart
  7. Rfid door locks Buy on Amazon

So what are you waiting for, unlock the future with smart Door Locks using the smart keys. 

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