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Low Back Pain- Symptoms, Causes and treatment

Any pain is very difficult to handle for human beings. One of the most irritating types of pain is the low back pain that comes suddenly and then gradually worsens over time. This type of pain hampers a person’s ability to move around and live life normally. This pain usually lasts for a couple of months and the chronic form of this pain can last for a longer time. Usually, with the doctor’s medication and physiotherapy, this pain alleviates over time. There are many different reasons for low back pain and many remedies to alleviate the pain. The following are some of the details regarding this ailment.

Symptoms of Low Back Pain

The obvious symptom of this problem is that the lower back starts paining. Depending on the type of ailment, it either starts paining gradually or people experience a sudden excruciating pain in the low back area and immediately the patient has to see the doctor. Symptoms include numbness of the back, the stiffness of the back, swelling, weakness or pain in the foot or leg, knots in the muscles, and another sign can be stiffness in the neck and pain in the shoulder and chest area. There are various causes of low back pain and symptoms vary, depending on the nature of the ailment.

Causes of Low Back Pain

  • Back pain that is generally felt in the lower part of the spine is called “low back pain”. There can be many reasons why low back pain starts in this spinal area. There can be a problem or irritation in the tendons and muscles or nerve, and nerve roots, joints. and spinal discs that are situated in the lower back area. 
  • The pain can be either localized or the entire lower back area can feel the pain. The pain can also be numb, continuous pain or sharp pain depending on the type of problem that has occurred. This pain either appears gradually because of overuse, and stress on the lower back, or it can happen suddenly because of lifting, or sudden physical movement. 
  • This problem can also take place because of bad posture, old age or overexertion. Another reason why people get severe low back pain is if they suffer from Herniated Disc or slipped disc. The discs are placed between two vertebrae and act as shock absorbers between them. If this discs move or are damaged it causes severe pain in the lower back. 
  • Another bad problem that can arise out of a herniated disc is sciatica. When the discs move and press on the sciatic nerve it causes pain. This pain is felt in areas where that nerve reaches. Usually, the pain is felt in the lower back and in one or both the legs. It can cause severe pain to the leg and lower back, and also cause numbness in the area. 
  • Lower back pain can also be caused by other reasons like obesity, pregnancy, arthritis, muscle spasm, smoking, osteoarthritis, poor sleeping position and other such reasons. In an extreme case, lower back pain can be caused due to different types of cancer that can affect this area. Infections in the lower back area can also cause pain.


As mentioned above there are many factors that can cause low back pain. Taking medical advice from a specialist doctor will help the patient understand the exact diagnosis as to why this pain is taking place. Once the diagnosis is done, treatment can then follow which can help to cure the ailment of low back pain.

Low back pain can be caused by a host of different reasons. The right diagnosis is essential to fix the problem of low back pain because of the variety of reasons why it can be caused. The right treatment at the right time will ease this type of pain gradually and heal the ailment due to which the low back pain is caused. Low back pain can be slight or severe. However, ignoring such a pain can lead to complications and further medical problems. Going to a qualified orthopedic doctor and getting the right diagnosis done is a good option. Doctors usually assess the pain by getting X-Rays done and also various tests can determine the exact cause of the pain. Medical treatment along with physiotherapy usually cures the pain that can be caused by a variety of reasons and ailments.

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