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Very lately, many of us realized the impact of unhealthy lifestyle. Thankfully, more than half of the world population resorts to get the most of natural bliss in all aspects of life. 

Modern medicine outsmarts the Ayurvedic medicine in a few aspects. The remedy from any disease is relatively quicker. Many dangerous health conditions which need immediate medication can benefit from modern medicine. Unfortunately, modern medicines do not provide a complete cure, which is provided by Ayurveda.  It doesn’t mean that Ayurvedic medicine is the safest medication. It needs a proper approach with professional recommendation.

When compared with quick recovery from any disease with modern medicine, Ayurveda works slowly, but the results are long term, more effective and permanent. Many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, thyroidism, PCOS, etc which have no solution in Modern medicine can be cured effectively with Ayurvedic approach. 

Both Ayurvedic medicine and modern medicine has its own benefits and drawbacks.

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