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Machine Learning in Future

Machine Learning is a subfield of AI. It is a technique that gives the computer ability to improve the experience in a short duration. The main aim of ML is to make decisions based on the data set. Join the Machine Learning course in Chennai and learn the different types of ML with expert guidance.

ML has three types. They are:

1. Supervised (Task Driven)

2. Unsupervised (Data-Driven)

3. Reinforcement 

Supervised Learning Algorithm

Supervised Learning is the most common sub-branch of ML. Supervised Learning has input variable(x) and output variable(y).


Y is considered as a predicted output and it determines the mapping function. It has two subcategories, they are: 


1. Classification

2. Regression

If the output variable has a real value such as "weight" or "dollar".


In classification, the output variable has different categories.

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning helps to identify the patterns and similarities in the data. Experts at Machine Learning Training in Chennai train you in the ML learning process. Both weekdays and weekend classes are offered as per the student's need.

Reinforcement Learning

It helps to reach the goals shortly instead of making choices. Both supervised and unsupervised learning use mapping between input and output variables. Reinforcement learning helps to get better results. 

Prerequisites to learn ML

1. Statistics

2. Linear Algebra

3. Probability Theory

4. Calculus of variations

5. Optimization Methods

Machine Learning use cases

1. Financial Services

2. Travel and Hospitality

3. Energy demand

4. Feedstock

5. Utilities

6. Retail

Machine Learning Job Roles

1. Data Architect

2. Machine Learning Analyst

3. Data Mining Specialist

4. Cloud Architects

5. Machine Learning Scientist

Machine Learning engages with more and more organizations such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and many more. Learn ML and get the Machine Learning Certification with an expert approach. 

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