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Did you know it only takes one KG of DNA to store the entire world's Digital Data? The Future isn’t about thinking big it is about thinking small. The amount of digital data produced has long been outpacing the amount of storage available, we are producing approximately 25 billion gigabytes of digital data every day. There is a huge market for companies parsing the data. If we must preserve the world’s data, we need to seek significant advances in storage density and durability. Using DNA to archive data is an attractive possibility because it is extremely dense (up to about 1 exabyte per cubic millimetre) and durable (half-life of over 500 years).

In the current world if you must make a Data centre to store exabyte (One Billion Gigabytes) on Tape Drives it would cost over 1 Billion USD, it would consume Megawatts of electricity and years to Build. The life of the data in the Tape Drives can last for about 15-25 years Max. Once the data is Archived it is of no use and This medium packs in information much more densely than silicon can, but is much slower to read This approach is unsustainable in the long run as the data keeps multiplying. Despite improvements in optical discs, storing a zettabyte of data would still take many millions of units, and use significant physical spacers.

 Last July, Microsoft publicly announced it had stored 200 megabytes of data in DNA strands,including a music video, setting a record link. Microsoft harbours the even more ambitious goal of replacing tape drives with DNA, a common format used for archiving information. DNA is the densest known storage medium in the universe.  A reason why people are looking at it as best storage option. Based on early research involving the storage of movies and documents in DNA, Microsoft is developing an apparatus that uses biology to replace tape drives, researchers at the company say. Computer architects at Microsoft Research say the company has formalized a goal of having an operational storage system based on DNA working inside a data center in the coming years
We believe in a future where, there would be a commercially available DNA storage in the coming years,solving the Digital data storage crisis, Taking the digital storage to next level with new challenges ahead .

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