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ONPASSIVE Review: Pioneer of Online Business and Marketing Automation

Do you wish for a life without worrying about financial issues? Have you ever imagined how safe and easy it is today to take your business online? Do you want to keep earning without being literally involved in your business? Do you keep thinking about reaching the target audience for selling your products or services with less or almost no expenses?

There is only one solution - ONPASSIVE

ONPASSIVE is an inspiring and remarkable pacesetter of the marketing industry with its technologically advanced and impressive tools. The company’s entire focus is on enabling its members to lead a profitable and stress-free life.

Ash Mufareh launched ONPASSIVE in July 2018, and since then it is the talk-of-the-town. Ash is a visionary who foresees the market scenario and demands. He is a firm believer of “Everyone deserves a better and financially strong life”. He is a pioneer of online marketing and understands how the market works and what business owners want from their business. 

What to expect on ONPASSIVE Ecosystem?

  1. Plug-n-Play Marketing Solution: ONPASSIVE is integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform all manual activities of a business into an automated task force. This means member of ONPASSIVE would not have to think about recruiting the sales team or selling products. Once you have joined this company as a Founder, you can expect to get rid of monotonous and tedious day-to-day marketing activities.
  2. Guaranteed Free Traffic: It is one of the major points to worry for most of the online businesses. Many online companies do not get consistent and incremental traffic on their site. But ONPASSIVE, with its huge network and customer database, ensures free and consistent traffic on your business. Through its automated marketing tools, the company actively promotes your products and services on your behalf.
  3. Offline to Online Business: Since 3/4th of the population is using the internet today, hence being online is the need of the time. ONPASSIVE helps you to get there. The company has all the tools and resources to register your company online for creating your website. It makes sure your company exists on all social media platforms to post your products and offers.
  4. Digital marketing tools and services: ONPASSIVE provides following digital marketing services - Domain name registration, Web hosting, Website Builder, VPN, IP tracker, Email marketing, Video email and marketing, Targeted and Mass marketing campaigns, etc.

Do you feel any marketing and business activity left out? No? Because there is none.

Now let us look into ONPASSIVE’s astounding compensation plan structure.

ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan

ONPASSIVE’s compensation plan has drawn the attention of people across the globe. It has been designed to meet everyone’s need and future plans. The 3X10 matrix, offered by ONPASSIVE, allows only three members at one level and it remains the same till 10th position. So the structure would look something like this:


Almost every networking company follows the same method of recruiting members. What’s new in ONPASSIVE’s matrix?

Here the difference is Spill-Over auto-enrollment feature, which means a newly enrolled member would automatically fall to the next level once all positions in a level have been filled. So on ONPASSIVE’s platform, a Founder can earn a commission for a member enrolled by someone else. Are you aware of any other company which gives commission for someone else’s recruitment?

We have discussed about 3X10 matrix, but let us see how it works better with the 4 packages offered by ONPASSIVE.

Once you become a Founder, you will be given the option to select either of these below-mentioned packages:

AFFILIATE Package: $25/month

PRO Package: $125/month

LEADER Package: $250/month

MASTER Package: $500/month

If you join ONPASSIVE as a founder, by default, you will have to purchase an AFFILIATE Package. But if you want to purchase a higher package, such as MASTER, then you need to pay for all the underneath packages. So the total cost would be $(500 + 250 + 125 + 25) = $900.

$900 per month seems too expensive, but the running income or pay-out that you would receive is much higher than this. We suggest that you must pick a higher package only if you are at a higher level of the matrix.

The compensation plan has been created in such a way that you receive a cumulative amount for each package at each level. 

Let us assume, you purchased LEADER package and you are at the fourth level. So you are paying $400 and the running pay-out would be the cumulative sum of each level and package i.e. $((6 + 27 + 54 + 81) + (30 + 135 + 189 + 405) + (30 + 225 + 270 + 648)) = $2,100.

So your monthly expense is $400 for the package, but the amount received by you is $2,100. How about that?

ONPASSIVE: Legit or a Scam?

ONPASSIVE is as legit as it can be. Due to its marketing automation tool, it has been widely accepted and appreciated because people know how the company is trying to simplify their life by automating their business. The company offers marketing tools developed only for its founders. There is no Ponzi scheme involved which mostly work by recruiting members only and no products involved anywhere in the business. However, ONPASSIVE has its tools as its products, and it pays compensation only to its ACTIVE members who are using the tools continuously. That’s why the company is present in more than 100 countries and has received 48,000+ founders registration so far.

If you want to cross-check what its Employees and its Founders think about ONPASSIVE, then please go ahead and check ratings and reviews of the Company on trustpilot and sitejabber websites.

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