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ONPASSIVE Reviews from Top Most Review Sites 2020

Reviews are something that should be specific business esteems, especially as the customer experience about their services. These reviews from the customer and other expert analysts are considered. Changes are made as needs be on the off chance that it will be profitable for 

Businesses and make the management offered by the company more customers satisfying numerous expert review domain precise reviews and gives an appraisal of the executives being promoted. Customers recently provide this review is something that makes for a consistent quality factor for the potential customer, hoping to benefit from the products and services.

Welcome to the ONPASSIVE review, and today you will know more about GoFounders/ONPASSIVE opportunities from customers and employees' prospects. There are ample of chances that someone close to you might have reached you with this opportunity. You being a smart person, wanted to research the authenticity of this opportunity.

What is ONPASSIVE all about?

ONPASSIVE is continuously evolving as futuristic global IT Company, with its headquarters situated in Florida, USA. The state-of the art facility centre is in Bangalore, India. Together they are committed to bringing innovative strategies for business advancement and building a platform that provides individuals a plethora of opportunities with Artificial Intelligence or AI.

As one of the leading AI-based business platforms, ONPASSIVE  comprehends that each business has exceptional requirements and assists business owners accordingly. Ash Mufareh understands the challenges one can face while starting the business from scratch. To avoid those, Ash came up with the idea of AI-powered tools to help enterprises with business process automation, operations management, growing organic traffic, marketing advertising, and promotions, their virtual online store. 

ONPASSIVE company offers a few business solutions fueled by artificial intelligence, which simplicities a few business exercises and support you earn passive income with its GoFounders opportunity.

ONPASSIVE has sound experience with a committed team in different duties like Web Designing, Graphics, Search Engine Optimization tools, Content Marketing, Content Management, and more. The company is committed to directing the intensity of artificial intelligence to businesses that progress toward an ingenious change. They utilize artificial intelligence to upgrade the techniques for current business plans of action with the correct procedures. Companies can get the required amount of traffic. 

What is a review website?

A customer review and evaluation stage, with a great many unprejudiced audits on everything accessible in India. With a large number of reviews, Reviews helps individuals find restaurants, multiplex, Lounge, or salons around them. 

Any product or service you wish to purchase is already there on review websites. The customers have shared their experience of using the product. Studying and analyzing which you can settle on a decision whether to or not to purchase any product. 

Why a review website is helpful?

Review sites empower transparency. Smart customers or employees use it most of the time to understand the fact about any business. Customers can post their reviews and give a star rating. Companies need to understand, take proper actions, and react promptly to the reports. Great review websites keep up a reasonable review trail that shows whether a business made the required progress or transparency in business information.

We will be going through some of the review websites for a closer look at ONPASSIVE opportunity: Sitejabber, Hellopeter, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, AmbitionBox, Quora, and Indeed.


 Sitejabber is a buyer confronting review sites, implying that they assist organizations with building trust with their buyers. Their services encourage users by requesting that' clients review you and confirming that the review originates from a genuine customer. 

On Sitejabber, ONPASSIVE has a consumer rating of 4.49. After going through 41 reviews, we found out that most customers are satisfied and pleased with their buys. Here is what Austin S. has got to say about the company in his Onpassive review, "When you are launching a business from scratch and haven't run one before, there are a few things that you must consider seriously. ONPASSIVE exemplifies success in business and life. Once they start working with them, I learn the finer, elusive points of business alongside the conventional perspectives of business management and success."

Hellopeter: is a free place for customers to write about their complaints regarding the weak support they receive from various businesses. These reviewers regularly feel so defenseless against. Likewise, this website allows others to verify whether a company is genuine or is not kidding about client care.

Hellopeter has 5.9 ratings out of 10 for ONPASSIVE and is ranked as #7 in advertising. On 14 August 2020, Maria C writes in her ONPASSIVE review, "ONPASSIVE is a revolutionary company, where the opportunities are endless and ample. Anyone can quickly get a hang on how it functions. ONPASSIVE has helped me to widen my professional networking and takes it to the next level! The recruitment and ranks system of ONPASSIVE has helped me to take my business to grow, unlike any other. It all started with a way of earning passively, to earning maximum amounts of money."


 Trustpilot is one of the most significant and most settled consumers confronting survey locales on the planet. Their permit concurrence with Google permits reviews created on Trustpilot to be recorded as Google Seller Ratings.

On 18th August, 2020 Sergio Davis, wrote ONPASSIVE review on Trustpilot, "ONPASSIVE has been nothing short of a dream come true! My life has completely changed and significantly improved, not to mention gaining financial success for myself and my family. Learning about ONPASSIVE has been a life-changing event for the people involved with me and me. All the people I've had the pleasure of interacting with are part of my extended family. 

If you want to improve your life for the better and earn unlimited riches, consider joining ONPASSIVE!"


 Regardless of whether you are searching for a job or are a business, Glassdoor is a significant platform. Glassdoor associates workers with managers, giving the genuinely necessary transparency that the present employees look for. This website can help you look for your next project, plan and prepare for your upcoming interview, or get the information on your future employers or organization.

Glassdoor provides 4.4 out of 5 ratings to the company, along with a 93% recommendation rate that makes ONPASSIVE as an employee-centric company, which is again a plus point. On 2 March 2020, A java developer posted ONPASSIVE review on Glassdoor: "Excellent Place To Work," with 5 out of 5 ratings and he further adds, "I have been working at OnPassive full-time for less than a year, Pros: Great learning opportunity since this is a very young and enthusiastic company. I love the work environment here as team members are motivated to interact and act. Cons: As of now, I haven't come across any"


AmbitionBox is a professional review stage established in 2015 with the vision to support people to accomplish their career goals. AmbitionBox is an expert advice stage that gathers and distributes reviews and questions for job seekers. It helps more than 15 Lakh individuals trustworthy to settle on informed professional decisions.

AmbitionBox provides an ONPASSIVE review with 4.3 out of 5 as ratings. As posted on 9 July 2020, James L is currently employed at ONPASSIVE in the digital marketing section in Orlando, "Likes: ONPASSIVE is a very flexible work environment, and colleagues create a great ambiance to work. HR policies are good; management is quite supportive and provides opportunities if approaches make it up to. It is an excellent platform for career development. Dislikes: Work schedule and not the best salary. Work: Challenging and creative."


Quora is a stage that enables individuals to share and develop the world's information. Individuals come to Quora with enquiries about any topic, problem, or to gain knowledge, read excellent information that is customized and relevant to their choice, and offer their insight. Users post their queries on basically any topic they're interested in, and different users give the answers and responses. Enrolled users can post or react to questions, post reviews, or include a blog about a particular subject. 

On searching ONPASSIVE review as a keyword on Quora, we were able to find thousands of reviews about this opportunity. Let us look at what Steve Tucker wrote in his review on 24 July 2020: "When I first got introduced to ONPASSIVE in October 2019, I felt so excited about every idea behind the business concept. Ever since I started with this platform, it is growing at an amazing speed. Every day there is more flux of members, more innovation and great opportunities, and best of all, there isn't any catch. I feel this is the most honest and serious business I have seen in ages. ONPASSIVE is a worthy Super Unicorn Company, surpassing everything you've ever seen before. The work of Mr. Ash Mufareh is rapidly turning into reality and is ready to take the world by storm. We are IN IT TO WIN IT and extremely excited to be one of 1 lakh+ founders worldwide and growing fast. Thanks for this opportunity ONPASSIVE, thank you, my sponsor, and Ash Mufareh."


 Indeed surely is the No. 1 job search portal in the world, Indeed, endeavours to put Job seekers first, giving them free access to look for occupations, the post continues, and think-tanks. 

The latest ONPASSIVE review that we could find on Indeed is from 16 January 2020, as the abrasion rate of the organization is pretty less in comparison with any other startups. A system administrator writes, "ONPASSIVE is a superb organization focussed on growing, believes in developing products based on "AI marketing Innovation," it is not only focussed on product development but also gives equal opportunity for employees and encourages self-development. Business with ONPASSIVE was great, modern marketing tools have helped me a lot, and it helped me a lot to build my online store. Thank you, ONPASSIVE."

How to Become an ONPASSIVE Member?

Doing an online business is highly challenging today. Here are the various different factors an aspirant entrepreneur should keep in their mind- 

  • A competitive environment against the existing organizations of the same field.
  • Inaccessibility of devices and groups to perform required undertakings.
  • Inadequate financial plan for implementing advertisements and promotions, and so on. 

That is why ONPASSIVE exists to take care of every one of these issues through its propelled business automation equipped with Artificial Intelligence that automizes business activities, harmonize up against different divisions, and analyze data for a better solution. 

An interested individual could pick one among these two procedures for turning into an ONPASSIVE founder: 

  1. Authorizing the Invitation: Existing individuals (or the originators) send solicitations to the intrigued individuals. Once they click to acknowledge the invitation, they can enlist utilizing the link that drives the individual to the GoFounders website. When the individual has entirely enrolled on the platform, the individual is authorized to turn into a team member of the founder from whom you received the invitation link. 
  2. Enrolling Directly to GoFounders: A person could choose not to sit sealed for the invitations and might decide to enlist on the GoFounders website straightforwardly. By this strategy, the part gets randomly allotted to a group of a founder.

Dropping The Mic:

The highlights and reviews shared by the ONPASSIVE and its representatives are incredibly helpful. Who doesn't have any desire to have a business in auto-mode to invest their energy? Who doesn't want to ensure the persistent progression of remaining pay, making sure about existence until the end of time? Furthermore, GoFounders furnishes all these alongside a phenomenal team that has similar goals and objectives. The organization has been as of now having an effect and presently accepting a vast number of enrollment demands every week. 

There are many people who believe in websites like Mouthshut, Trustpilot, Hellopeter, and AmbitionBox are overflowing with positive ONPASSIVE reviews about the company, where numerous certified founders have given their bona fide survey. GoFounders is an excellent team-building platform launched back in July 2018 by Ash Mufareh. It targets giving each of those highlights that permit founders of the opportunity to welcome the individuals who are well

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