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Places to visit in Polonnaruwa


The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is a famous tourist destination for people across the world. A small island with beautiful beaches and the lush scenery is truly a traveler's paradise. The traditional essence of the true Sri Lankan culture can be found in the small towns and villages of Sri Lanka. One such place is Polonnaruwa. Let us check out the Places to visit in Polonnaruwa that reflects the true Sri Lankan culture and heritage.

Top 5 Places to visit in Polonnaruwa

The following places are some of the best Places to visit in Polonnaruwa as they represent the culture and heritage of the Sri Lankan land. 

1. The Royal Palace

On a visit to the Polonnaruwa Heritage City, the Royal Palace is a never miss attraction on the trip. This Royal Palace of the great King Parakumba (1153-1186 ) had been constructed as a seven-story building. It took the construction around seven years and seven months to be completed. Out of the 7 stories having 1000 rooms, only 3 stories with 55 rooms are remaining. The Palace had been destroyed by an invader from south Indianan named "Maga'. 

2. The Audience Hall

The Audience Hall is a monument having beautiful stone carved elephants alongside each of its walls. Parakramabahu I’s Audience Hall is popular for the array of elephants. All of the carved elephants look different from each another. The steps to the entrance of the Audience Hall are pretty impressive, with some beautiful lions at the top of each of the side. 

3. The Sacred quadrangle

 It holds numerous significant sacred monuments, displaying the most grandeur architecture of the Polonnaruwa period. The most eye-catching sight of the quadrangle is the circular Vatadage. The middle of the shrine is surrounded by four large Buddha statues seated around it. 

4. Lord bhuha figure 

The term Kiri Vihara means “milk-white”. This large stupa is lying north of Lankathilaka Pilima Ge. It had been created by a queen of the great king Parakramabahu (1153-1186) named “Subadra”. The original lime plaster is in the perfect white condition even after almost 700 years of it being created. rd Buddha figures at Gal Vihara

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the perfect specimen of Lord Buddha statue created with solid stone. It was built during the reign of the great King Parakrabahu (1153-1186 A.C). The reclining Buddha sculpture is 14 m long, which represents Buddha entering the Nirvana stage. The sculptor artist of the Gal Vihara possessed a great deal of skill and expertise in the field of stone sculpture in the land of Sri Lanka. 

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