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Pune, A city known much beyond its boundaries for some very specific dishes.

Want to walk on the streets full with delicious food. Then you should definitely plan a trip to Pune. Apart from watching beautiful views of the city. What you need to have is the food with amazing smell. That will attract you automatically.

And the most Important things that make a city memorable is the food there. Well Pune is a very beautiful city in itself, which offers myriad tourist attractions.

Pune is the second largest city of India. The city cuisine involves many delicious and amazing food items which are the main cuisine as well as the instant snack and the street food items. Foodies take a great interest in the Pune cuisine . The famous food items of Pune are :

  • DABELI: It is also known as double roti or Kutchi DABELI, It is a famous food item from Gujarat and is very tasty. 
  • POHA: It is a morning snack in India. It is basically a mix of flattened rice flakes soaked in water for few minutes and then tossed by fresh vegetables like onion, green peas. carrot, French beans, green chilies and served hot with any chutney.
  • PANIPURI : It is one of the common street snack in Pune. Tasty! Though easy to make and serve anytime. Favourite of most of the people. You’ll not get the taste unless you have had it here.
  • PURAN POLI : it is  a Maharashtrian recipe made using chana dal, flour and cardamom and sugar. This delicious side dish recipe is extremely rich in flavour. It's a popular dish in Gujarat as well. It's a perfect snack recipe for those lazy cooks who just cannot stand in the kitchen to prepare elaborate meals.
  • BHELPURI : It is a type of chaat or snack and is the most common snack found all over pune. It is made of rice flakes mixed with different types of chutneys like the tamarind chutney , green chili chutney, chopped tomatoes, coriander, onion, green chilies etc

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