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Quantum Illumination

As wrote about Stealth Technology in the previous blog, Jonathan Baugh bought in a whole new level of stealth craft detection by making use of Quantum Technology.
Radio Activate waves were being either absorbed or deflected which made it hard for the RADAR to capture the enemy craft. The quantum technology makes use of the Photon Particles to detect aircrafts in a more advanced way Inorder to fight the Stealth Aircafts,  Jonathan Baugh led the project Quantum Radar which made use of Quantum Illumination.This works on the principle of Quantum Entanglement. Two Photons are generated to Link and Interact with each other. By this means one Photon shares its Properties with its partner.. hence the radar can ascertain the complimentary position, momentum, spin and polarization of its partner. The Quantum Radar Makes Use of this Photons by upshooting one photon out of the radar and retaining its pair. This is possible as the photon filters out its pair to link with and interact in the returning beam.This way the Background Noise And Eletronic Jamming is eleminated, and it becomes clear enough for the radar to detect its even the most advanced stealth craft
The Quantum Radar Is Still under development is confined to a laboratory under the Department of National Defence's All Domain Situational Awareness (ADSA) Science & Technology program, But Jonathan Baugh hopes that one day this technology will be mature enough to be implemented on the field to conquer the stealth crafts  and take Quantum Illumination to a whole new level.

Further Updates on Stealth technology shall be published in the future blogs

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