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Save the date for an international destination wedding


It is Interesting to see how a number of the international tourism boards have begun to sense the pulse of the popular Indian wedding market and are significantly promoting the respective international wedding locations as ‘THE’ place for couples to tie the knot. Life is getting a lot simpler with a number of wedding planners organizing each and every single detail to perfection, and the luxury travel companies offering wedding packages to a number of international wedding destination around the world. Following are some of the best international location for a wedding, 


Macau has been the host for a number of award functions as well as events. Macau is considered to be one of the preferred best International destination wedding locations for the big fat Indian wedding. It is located at the southern coast of China. It is fondly called as The Las Vegas of Asia. This place has a wide range of luxury hotels, each of them is better than the other. Macau presents a perfect mix of European dwell as Portuguese cultures blended together. 


Other than the capital city of Bangkok, the places such as Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Rayong, Hua Hin, KhaoLak and Koh Samui are considered to be some of the most loved international wedding destinations which top the list for the best international location for the wedding in Thailand. Something that was earlier just seen to be a honeymoon destination at a point of time, this is where a number of couples prefer to say “I do”. The newly married couple can have an extended stay after the wedding by visiting the peaceful island just nearby.


Base to most of Indonesia’s Hindu community, Bali is also known as an Island of the Gods. Bali has a slight overlap in the Indian and the Balinese culture, making Bali quite a place as a home away from home. The moment one enters Bali, they literally feel like they have been teleported to a place which is beautifully slow and scenic. 


Mauritius is the home to a large amount of Indian population. It has sugarcane fields, beautiful white sandy beaches, coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise water, lush green mountains, and an abundance of natural beauty. One can opt for an authentic Indian style wedding, or opt for a catamaran affair, or have the option of a tropic Colonial nuptial. There are multiple options and themes available. 

So, now the couples are left with absolutely no excuse to not tie the knot at a memorable international destination wedding.

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