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Shoja - Himachal's hidden gem.

If you fancy yourself just a little bit above the clouds, this place deserves to be on your bucket list! 

Shoja is a quaint little town in Himachal, about 23kms ahead of 'Tirthan valley'. As beautiful as it is, what won me over was the calm and the silence that settled over the place as I visited last year. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as the excitement and chatter of endless tourists in other destinations, Shoja has the most beautiful sights to experience.  


All the good places in Shoja require you to be okay with trekking. The good news is, It never matters whether you complete the treks or not. How much ever you cover, will leave an imprint and will most certainly be worth it. 

1. Serolsar Lake- A 3-4km trek from the drop off point is something that you musn't miss. 

2. Jalori pass- The mountain pass is magic. Endless terrain of greens and the dauladhar range everywhere you look, it looks straight out of a postcard.

Accomodation: There aren't many options to pick from, except some. However, if you're okay with basic accomodations, I'd whole heartedly recommend 'Satyam Homestay'. The place was beautiful, the food they served was real good and most importantly they're hands on and will take good care of you!

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