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Skill set required to be a great data scientist


For a given position, there are a set of duties that the job incumbent needs to carry out. In order to carry out these duties, they need to have certain abilities. These abilities to perform the assigned job duties are known as skills. A group of such skills is called as skill sets. For any given role, these are mainly two skill sets that are needed, the technical skills and the non-technical skills. 

In this article, we will discuss the technical skill sets that are required to be a great data scientist. 

Technical Skill Set

The technical skill set that is required to be a great data scientist includes the knowledge of working with Statistics, Programming Skills, Machine Learning, Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra, and Data Wrangling. These are explained in detail as under

Programming Skills

No matter which type of a company or what kind of role an employee is being interviewed for, one is likely to be expected to have the knowledge of how to make the use the tools of their trade.


A fair level of understanding of the concept s and principles of statistics is essential for a data scientist. The data scientist is expected to be familiar with distributions, statistical tests, maximum likelihood estimators, etc.

Machine Learning

If an individual is employed at a large company with large amounts of data, or is working at an organization where the product of the business is itself data-driven (such as Netflix, Facebook, Google Maps, Ola ), it may be the situation that an individual might want to be aware of the machine learning methods. 

Multivariable Calculus & Linear Algebra

To have an Understanding of these concepts is considered to be the most vital aspect at the organization where the product is by itself defined by data, and any kind of small improvements in the predictive performance or the algorithm optimization has a chance to lead to a large number of wins for the company. 

Data Wrangling

On many occasions, the data that an individual is analyzing may be unorganized and difficult to work on. Due to this, it is absolutely necessary to know how to handle the imperfections in the data. 


Thus it can be seen that there are a variety of technical skill sets that are needed to be a great data scientist. Acquiring these can be very useful to the employee in order to help them work efficiently in an organization. 

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