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Stealth Fighters

Stealth technology also termed as Low Observable Technology (LO Technology) is the use of various techniques on the Military Fighters to make them ideally less detective from the enemy radars. Radars send RadioActive Signals to Locate a particular Object and to Detect its Direction, Velocity and Shape by using the reflected waves. To be Safe from the enemies is a matter of life and death for the Soldiers on board, Hence this technology makes use of various techniques to either absorb and dissipate the radar signals or completely deflect them harmlessly.
One of the ways is by using special kinds of materials :-

1. Special Paint with minute rounded iron particles : Metals Reflect RadioWaves easily, However a bunch of iron particles are known to absorb radio active waves and then dissipate them in the form of heat.. Hence This method had been used on some of the flights a decade ago. however it was not completely fool proof or pleasing either

2. Carbon Based Materials : Making use of materials with high concentration of carbon steals the energy of the radio active ways as they go deeper and finally they dissipitate. This Strategy was used on the B-2 Spirits Stealth Bomber

3. Special Nano tubes with Layers of fibres : The layers of fibres help in absorbing the radio active waves easily just like the iron particles method which is more convenient to use too

The Usage of different Shape Structures also has a huge effect on the stealth technology.
This is when Engineers made use of Pyramid Shaped Structures which reflects the waves inside themselves and finnaly absorb them rather than reflecting back to the RADAR. These Pyramid Shaped could also be used with the iron particle paint method which shall reflect the waves to the particles which shall absorb and dissipitate them.

Engineers also found out that The Rounded Surfaces could easily reflect signals closely accurate to the radar where as flat surfaces would deflect them away from the radar easily. This is when the same technology was used on the F117 Night Hawk US Stealth Bomber. But this shape made aero dynamics very difficult and the bomber was unstable at flight. and was retired.

Other Methods like Burying the Engine inside the Stealth Surfaces was widely used and is still in use which not only protects it from the radio waves but also makes it difficult to detect using infrared and heat waves

Further Engineers bought upon the same technique with curved surfaces like the one in F22 Raptor which had curved surfaces but was designed and placed  such that the radio waves would be mostly deflected by the stealth surfaces as shown in the picture below.

Further Updates Regarding Stealth technology and its development shall be shared in the Future Blogs

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