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Stopping Indians From Celebrating Rape!

Indians have been ‘celebrating’ RAPE, BIG TIME!They have, at the least, for a couple of years been submerged in this specific topic, 24/7! All over India,people have been thinking about it, 24/7, all these couple of years! They have, it seems, nothing else to think & talk about….Not even their poverty, deprivation, lack of opportunity to grow, near nothing existence etc! They all have ONLY one word in their mind, soul –RAPE!

Soumya in a Kerala local train where she wasBRUTALLY raped & killed, Nirbhaya in Delhi who also was raped & killed, Badaum girls,policeman getting‘suspended’ for ‘ALLEGEDLY’ raping a girl, parents initiating girls into the flesh trade & getting their own children getting raped, foreigner getting raped in India,80+ year old woman getting raped, children of 1-3years of age getting raped, call centre cabbie raping & killing a girl in Bangalore, rape in the orphanage, rape in the mansionrape in the busrape in the car, rape in the moving auto rickshaw, rape in the park, rape in the track,rape in the field, rape in the Track & Field(!) ……………………the ‘stories’ are in their thousands, in Our Cultured India!And, it is the problem…….‘THEY’ are justSTORIES!

As someone who gets kick out of charas, ganja, poppy etc, there are people in their tens of thousands, in India, who LOVE to read the STORIES OF RAPE in the news papers & watch the video footage of a rape victim with the face made invisible by technology! It is calledRape News Voyeurism (RNV!)! There are millions ofRape News Voyeurs(RNVs) in India & a whole industry (Rape News Voyeur Industry - RNVI!) is dependent on them! Hence, for the growth of this industry in India,IT SEEMS, someone VERY POWERFUL is burning the midnight oil!

IT SEEMS that it is because of these Industry Champions (ICs!) the rapes continue unabated in India, as the RNVIbadly needs rape stories! It is a RAPEFACT(RF!) that without rape getting reported no newspaper sees the morning, anywhere in India! It is the ‘ONLY’ thing where there is no distinction betweennational English dailies & the vernacular newspapers! The details SPLASHED across the pages with ‘ONLY’the name of the victim masked gives millions of Indians a chance to figure out who the LATEST victim was, using various ‘Apps’ provided by the tech savvy experts of the west, via the all invasive ‘App Stores’, where downloading is chargeable by ONLY a couple of rupees!

It is found out in Various Studies conducted by Western Study Agencies (WSAs – It is ‘ONLY’ there certified,scientific & trustable studies are conducted, anywhere in the world!) that Rapes in India increase the ‘Apps’download substantially that ‘Apps’ companies turn fromred to black in India, in NO TIME!

It is also the time for the word fight & the sort of related things about the reasons for the UNENDING RAPES (URs!)happening in the country, depending on the colour of the political party one represents or supports! The ruling party ALWAYS places the responsibility of all the rapes happening in the country on the shoulders of the opposition parties and their smear campaigns & the opposition parties RETALIATE by blaming all the rapes on the ruling party!

From the dress code of women who areRAPED to the cultural tilt towards the West & the resultant abandoning of the Indian values, the responsibility of the RAPEVICTIM, the INDUCEMENT the RAPED provided to the rapist to get herself raped, the character & family background of the raped & killed and a million other things are HOTLY discussed! TV channels celebrateRAPE by conducting Talk Shows, Serialised Episodes on the RAPED women in India, Kaun Banega ‘Next’ RAPE Victim (KBNRV!) Contests(Where the participants are selected on the basis of an SMS lottery where the person who sends an SMS to participate IS CHARGED rupees 60 or more ‘ONLY’ for EACH SMS sent!), Panel discussion where THE EXPERTS spit out their EXPERT opinion on RAPE & related things etc!

In this melee what is TOTALLY FORGOTTEN is the ‘RAPED’, in their thousands, & their miserable lives (If they are ‘STILL’ alive!) & the HORRIBLE FACT that the SAME RAPE ENVIRONMENT (RE!) where anyone can RAPE anyone, anytime, remains!

Despite all these variety of things like group discussions on RAPE, political mudslinging of the worst kind,LIVE from the spot programmes etc happening, all over India, RAPES continue unabated! Whether the‘Apps’ are sold or not making companies register aHUGE profit RAPES continue, in their thousands…..Whether the ruling & opposition parties continue their mudslinging competition on this grave issue RAPES continue……Whether millions of English & vernacular newspapers are sold or not RAPEScontinue as if tomorrow will be a better day for theAll India Rapists (AIRs!) community, whichSTRONGLY lobbies to get inside the newly formed & ‘West’ recognised LGBT Brother or Sisterhood, to get their RIGHTS!

All Indians & the various governments whichPRETEND to rule them HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that all the Raped are RAPED for abiding the lawASallthe girls Raped in India have NEVER been reported for ‘NOT’ abiding the law of the country;still they are brutally raped! When the law abiding citizens are raped cattle classBY those anti social elements & perverts who never care a rap for the System Of Law in the country, what can the law making & implementing societies do?In India, they elongate the excruciating torture the rape victims go through withSUCH ‘SCIENTIFIC’ TESTS as 2 Finger Test & other dastardly acts & procedures! And, there are some courts of the highest order which have already jumped into the Mediation Ring (MR!), trying HARD to become mediators in the matters involving the rapist & the raped in the hope of getting FDI in mediation industry!

The fact to be remembered in this situation is that India is a Very Progressive Country (VPC – Of course with the HELP of FDI!), which has been trying HARDto enter the UN ‘Security’ Council as a permanent member when it FAILS MISERABLY to giveSECURITYEVEN to the law abiding Females(LAF!) & where anything Sexual before theEnlightenment Age 18 is considered Rape & of course, a non bailable offence which will see the ‘RAPIST’behind the bars for an unaccounted quantity of Time(Where these Sexual things are NEVER explained & made understood by the laymen like whether hugging & kissing come under Rape ; whether kissing & hugging is sexual or not; what quantity of kissing pressure on an under 18 girl’s lips or the force of hugging her body be qualified as sexual; how much kissing & hugging can be considered sexual & how much is not etc)AND,no girl can EVER know Her Sweet 17, LEGALLY!Provisions are made on a war footing that Girls can ENJOY their SWEET 17 AFTER crossing 18, withRETROSPECTIVE EFFECT!

An amendment is due where it is sufficiently mentioned that all the girls SHOULD BE given, after reaching theGirl Enlightenment Age of 18 (GEA 18!),EQUALopportunities to be enticed & seduced by the Legallypermitted & qualified boys & men (It SHOULD BEmade sure that they all are ‘Registered’ & carry an Aadhar Card, to get this benefit!)‘promising’ a marriage of heaven & earth! Then,the Enlightened Girls can LEGALLY be enticed & seduced, as after a girl reaching 18 seduction & enticement isSTRICTLY legal! No legal hawk of India ever thoughtHOW can a male attract a female without a little bit of enticement, seduction, misinformation, untruth, pretention etc WHEN all other departments of the so called modern life are FULL of these things as WE SEE IN ALL THE ADVERTISEMENTS, scattered all over media, LEGALLY!

In a country where the girl can ‘legally’ beshamelessly exploited 24/7 by everyone ‘much beforeshe turns 18,in all OTHER departments of Life, from the time she is born BY numberless baby food makers, girl dress wallahs, toy manufacturing companies, education systems, jewelers, girl child TV channel wallahs, ‘Registered’ advertisement wallahs, bikini suit wallahs, mini skirt wallahs, swim suit wallahs, short tennis skirt wallahs who sell their wares LEGALLY, wearing which the underwear is ALWAYS the most visible attraction etc --only ‘Sexual’ things are denied & sin! And, according to Indian Law no girl can ‘SIN’ before 18 without being seduced by a male (He can be under age, over age or under-over age etc!) whoALWAYS seduces her ‘promising’ a marriage of heaven & earth!

The ‘FIRST’ thing to do to STOP this brutal destruction of Female Life, in India, is to (1)PROVIDEthe harshest punishment to the rapist, that too with quick trial conducted. The other important things to be done are to (2) making all the girls, in India, understand that it is their PRIME & ONLY DUTY to protect themselves & their lives as they are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for their actions AS NO ONE can protect the one who is on the road to self destruction etc,(3) making girls aware of their ‘PHYSICAL’limitations while confronted by a male in an unsafe situation etc, WHATEVER the feminists movementssay or try to instill (4) restraining the media from the‘Sensationalisation’ of rape AS Rape in India hasNEVER reduced due to the media celebration of rape & it’s victims, (5)STOP harassing the Rape Victims with the STUPID methods of investigation like the 2 Finger Test, uncivilised behavior & questioning of the police force vis a vis the rape victim etc, (6) systematic, speed

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