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TOR - Onion Routing

TOR and why is it related to a simple Onion , being so extensive and widely used,,
Well lets start with the basic s of TOR.. it was primarly developed by the US Navy to share inter governmental data bases under encryption to keep the data as safe as possible and ensuring it isnt accesed by the public, later it became the base for surfing the Dark Web.. so how does it work ? . well TOR decrypts layers or nodes of its service and sends to the following node to repeat the same process. and everytime it decrypts a  node it  sends only the exact data req to the next one.. thereby ensuring maximum security for the user and it followed on by layers of nodes until it reaches the last node or the EXIT node to the destination..
Tor uses the HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) service instead of the common HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) . Increasing the security levels.
Well From here there are chances of Data Leaks which include IP address, User Info and other finance details. but with the help of a VPN, the security is even enhanced up..
so why is it compared to an Onion ? .. well due to the decryption of each node layer by layer it is referred to for the Onion who has a wide range of layers protecting the soft core . and thats the reason why the Dark web sites have a .onion instead of .com or .gov or any such endings. so for all the peeps who want to venture out on Dark Web,, TOR is a must use to enhance your security levels. Dont forget to combine it with a VPN before use 

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