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Taking Care of Your Skin This Summer

The summers do trouble you. Right? Well, it perturbs your skin too! Ever noticed the dark patches, the tan marks or the wrinkles? These are the skin's signs of telling you that summer is troublesome! So, how do you care for your skin? Let's help you with a few basic tips for this summer.

1. Keep exfoliating your body with a good natural scrub (like sugar and honey). It will help keep away the dead cells and damaged skin.

2. A sunscreen is a must! Use one that has an SPF of 30 or 40. This will protect your skin against any harmful rays of the sun.

3. Keep your make up away for a while! Summers aren't exactly the time for the simmer on your face because the sun is already too shiny!

4. Drinks lots of water! Yes, water is the solution to many health problems, including your skin!

Follow these simple skin tips and be sun-kissed!

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