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The HyperLoop Technology

Elon Musk, The MasterMind behind SpaceX , Tesla , PayPal and many more inventions bought up another project for the welfare of mankind and also to support future techonology and creativity among youngsters, and it was named as HYPERLOOP , and advanced mode of transport where people can travel faster than air transport means at a fairly cheaper cost, This project not only works out for the End Users, but also to the government who takes this initiative to implement this technology.
According to a survery, it takes 70 billion dollars to set up a rail transport from San Fransisco to Los Angels , While it just takes 6 billion for the HyperLoop.

Here is how it works,
Solar Panels are placed on the top of the tubes for generation of energy which is stored in a battery,
DC motors use this stored energy in the battery to work on , thereby saving power cost.
Coming to the pod technology,
Basically the passengers are meant to travel in pods which travel in a low pressure tube with very little air inside, Mainly Vaccum,
And the Pods work on Thrust force with linear motion.. as their ThrustCore situated below the Pod.

The thrust force by linear motors causes the pod to move in forward linear direction. This brings up the Acceleration in the pods

There are Specially arranged permanent magnets below the pod known as HallBach Array which lift up the pod in the phase of Levitation.
This Enables the pod to accelerate at even higher speed.
The Pods are estimated to reach a speed upto 760 miles/hr that is approximately 1200 km/hr.. which is higher than the commercial planes by 300 km/hr.

Once its time to bring down the train to static position, The Thrust force is Reversed which De- Accelerates the pods bringing down the speed for safe landing.
Elon Musk with his crew built up the HyperLoop Tubes with stations from San Fransisco to Los Angeles, and gave oppurtunity to students all over the world to design the travel pods for the Hyperloop and the best technology would be implemented...
Students From India Too have been selected and shall showcase their technology very soon,
Dubai Took The Initiative to complete the HyperLoop by 2020, And lets hope This shall also be implemented in India As soon As possible as it would help the masses in their transport reducing fuel, transport cost and time .

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