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Top Emerging Programming Languages which you should know


In today's modern world, there are so many emerging programming languages that cater to the diverse purposes of the developers. Some of them are used for web development, whereas others work for the creation of native mobile apps, and others can do it all and even something additional.

If an individual is a programming newbie, then it makes sense, to begin with, simple languages such as Scratch or HTML. But once the grip with the basics is achieved, there is a vast array of languages that one can begin to learn. 

Top emerging programming languages 

1. F#

F# is an open-source, functional-first language. It is popular among the software developers due to its wide-ranging application uses and the active community. F# was launched in 2005 and had been initially available only for Windows, in the form of a Microsoft Research project. But, it can now be easily used across a wide range of platforms or even to generate a JavaScript and GPU code, big data, games, and much more.

2. Ballerina

This language had developed by an open-source tech provider named WSO2 and released in the year 2017. It is a type-safe, compiled, concurrent programming language. It is designed to be a cloud-first. The specialism of the language is integration and parallel processing. It helps to implement the microservices with reliable messaging, distributed transactions, stream processing, as well as workflows. 

3. JavaScript

If someone is planning to become a developer, then they need to know how to code in the JavaScript language. According to StackOverflow’s annual survey for the year 2017, almost 62.5 percent of respondents reported being using this language, thus making it the most popular choice for developers. It was also considered to be the most popular language by several pulled requests on the Github site at the end of the year 2017. 

Learn JavaScript

4. Python

The machine-learning boom has been fuelling the rise of the Python language. Python is a preferred language for developing applications that are based on big data analytics. It is a general-purpose adaptable language which has uses in the areas of web applications, desktop apps as well as network servers too. The code is easy to read, neat and is used to a great extent by Google. 

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5. Go

Go is an open-source language. It is viewed as a faster and easier to use language than the other more established languages like Java and C, from which it is derived. Go is used by many organizations, from the SoundCloud to BBC to Facebook and the UK government GOV.UK site as well. It is even used by the enterprise software startup du jour, Docker. 


As the technologies change over the years, a need for new and advanced programming languages stays on the brim. It is for this reason, that a programmer must keep an eye on the emerging programming languages. One can never know which technology and knowledge one might require to be implemented in their next project.

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