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VPN - Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Networks , or the commonly known VPNs are widely used by many.
Well, many wouldnt know whats its uses , pros and cons. so let me tell write that in brief

Basically VPNs are used for Data Security , Encryption and Privacy over a public network such as a WIFI or a HotSpot in the vulnerable Internet.. The data when used via VPN travells through secure tunnels avoid risks of data leaks, or even being spyed over... This way Corparate Companies can keep there data secure and ensure that their is complete privacy.. it can also be used by common man for the same reason. keeping their data private and ensuring maximum security as their data is avoiding risks of leakage or being spyed upon.. VPNs earlier was neither afforadble by all neither many knew how to use it, however. as evolution progressed.. people can now use VPN with just a clicks and a few security authentications like passwords or pins.. and there are VPN providers giving it at free of cost..
Pros : VPN keeps your data safe and ensures Security
            Many VPN users have reported getting higher surfing speed on some public sites with the use of VPN
Cons : it is not fully fool proof
            You may get lower surfing speed on sites due to heavy traffic

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