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Ways of Dealing With Someone Suffering From Depression

Dealing With a Person Suffering From Depression

Keeping in mind the large number of people who suffer from depression, it is important to know how to deal with them, in case it is a loved one. 

Ways of dealing with it

  • Seeking help: There is no shame in seeking help for mental illness. One does not become weak or unable to deal with situations if one seeks the services of a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
  • Stop telling them that the world is beautiful: this is almost violent in the case of a person suffering from depression. By saying this, one is essentially saying that it is their fault that they are depressed. 
  • Get something to do: Depression is not the offshoot of being idle. “Getting work” or “Keeping busy” will not help them. They will just carry the feeling of emptiness and the desire to end things, around while they are forced to work.
  • Comparing to the less fortunate: Every person has his or her own battle to fight, and the battle, however insignificant it may seem, may be very emotionally taxing for that person. It is therefore, useless to compare people suffering from depression with others.  

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