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What one Should learn from Facebook Data Breach?

We All Love to be connected to our friends, Facebook enables us to do so. What we do not realize is how a social media platform can be used to collect private  information   and of people who are on your friends list, track your activity, likes, interests etc.
We hate to see other people knowing what we are and invading our privacy. It becomes easy to manipulate ones mindset, when others know what you are and  your likings.

Though we have all these controls on every social media platform, which would allow us to control what we share and who all can look at what we do.e simply ignore these .With a few simple steps we can control what we are sharing online.

Go to Settings 

Review your privacy settings

 Go to apps ,review every now and then to see which apps are allowed to acces your data . 

Review your security settings

Protect your privacy !!! 

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