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Why SnapDragon over MediaTek ? What you should know

In the SmartPhone industry , there are only two Leading Processor chip manufactures : Qualcomm SnapDragon and MediaTek,
Though brands like Samsung and Huawei make their own Chipsets like Exynos and Kirin, they arent as popular in the market as SnapDragon and MediaTek are.
So when choosing between these 2, many prefer the American Based SnapDragon, but do u know why ?
Well Here
1) Battery : MediaTek Chipsets are known to heat more than SnapDragon due to the high usage of multiple cores, that puts down an decent battery.
    SnapDragon delivers far less heat and being known as SoC(System On Chip), which has everything in it(Graphics , image stablity,audio output) Gives an           efficent usage with the battery life
2) Performance : MediaTek processors have a great performance, but once again thats due to the usage of multiple cores(Quad, Octa , Hexa) which demands more RAM which most devices inside budget cannot provide. MediaTek Also uses external graphics known as MALI Graphics which does not stablize with the cores all the time, leading to a little bump, comparing to SnapDragon. SnapDragon on the other hand being known as SoC do not demand more ram and can handle intensive tasks. with their integrated graphics known as Adreno. They go hand to hand with cores and give an effiecnt performance output.

3) Cost :  Due to SnapDragons being such integrated having Graphics, image stablization, video stabilization, modem unit, WiFi Module control.
They cost higher than the MediaTek based devices ,but at the end give a value for money.

Now u know the Reason why SnapDragon is preferred over MediaTek, if u like it, please leave a comment below

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