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Male Gigolos needed - High profile females looking for males

Who else would not want a job which gives pleasure  and Inreturn big money . A Dream job for many unemployed youths. 

Get paid for Female Friendship, Males needed for high profile females , Earn money spending time with Females , Earn money for Friendship Etc  are few attractive headline for adverts given by these scammers.

These Scammers sound Genuine over the phone , Ask people do deposit the initial payment  for the membership in the given bank account once deposited and confirmed they would send a vehicle for pick up and introduce you to the High profile Ladies looking for male Gigolos . 

Once the money is Deposited a person never gets a call , people do not go to the police station assuming the  embarrssement which they would face. 

A recent survey states that Young  educated unemployed guys fall prey to these scammers .

There is no Easy money making . Money comes when you acquire the skill  needed and hardwork with Time .. Dont Fall prey to such scams . 

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