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Mobile Phones - Airport customs Seized Mobile phone Scam

Who does not want to buy if an Iphone x or Google pixel brand new item sold for half the price ..   We are in the world were people use the  oppurtunity to make money out of anything .. 

Last time i came  across a post online quoting Customs seized mobile phones sold at half the rate .. So we called the Agent he answered  the call and told us that we works for Air India and sent us the photos online .. So we had asked if we can fix an appointment to meet test the products .. the person mentioned that We have to get into the terminal would require him to make a pass for us .. Prior to proceeding further .. Had asked us to deposit the said amout to an Bank account given the name of Air India .. 

We had few questions on what is the proof that the account belong to Air India .. The person did not answer the call , later had had messaged few transactions . The next the we went there to enquire about the person ( Pradeep ) no such person exisit , we met few people who were looking for the same person already deposited the money .. 

Beware of such things .. 

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