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True caller story -A peck into the life of Nami Zarringhalam -Co-Founder True caller

Developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB, Truecaller finds contact details globally given name or telephone number, and has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration to keep the phonebook up-to-date with pictures and birthdays

  • Being asked about the data security and data sharing of True caller Database in wake of Facebook Scandal

 True caller is committed in making the user data safe and not fall pry to the wrong hands .True caller is taking every step possible to make the data which they handle to be safe , We wont sell our data base to any third party as been informed by Nami .

  • Being asked on how True caller makes money

True caller have partnership with Google and other partners and their major source of revenue is from Ad business and its various forms . They have refined services on offer for business including Monthly subscription ,Yearly contact request and that’s how they get their money ball rolling .

  • Being asked about the future of True caller

True caller is not planning to get acquired ,They are streamlining new services and implementing new features to the existing app to make user experience seamless .They are working on features like multiple profiles for business ,Personal ,Option to mention company details ,Backup and restore so that user can access the True caller capability any time and also planning to integrate True caller tab in the contacts so that you will get to know whom you have tried to contact an year back whose contact you forgot to save .

  • Being asked on how to tackle the latest GDPR rules enforced in Europe .

True caller have a special privacy team who is working along with GDPR rules for the last 1 year ,So they are ready to comply with the law and doesn’t have to panic unlike other companies .They have integrated the compliance modules and will closely work with the law and function abiding the same .

  • Being asked on the biggest challenge faced by the company since inception.

Due to some misunderstanding of Google play-store policy ,True caller was blacklisted by google and that was the biggest challenge faced by the company as been told by Nami, Company was doing fantastic when this trauma came along . Just an email and the app was taken down ,It took nearly 1 year for them to get back into play-store  .

Nami’s Advice to Entrepreneurs

  • Go With Gut feelings when Recruiting
  • Listen to your users ,Engage ,Learn
  • Near Death experiences are moments of truth
  • Don’t chase the market ,Let the market come to you
  • When giants take you down ,You may be devastated ,But don’t give up ..